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L & H Gyr is more than just an excavating contractor. We deliver sand, gravel, topsoil, decorative stone, and landscaping materials to all of Wisconsin.

We have a materials Estimator to help you estimate the materials you will need for your project.

  • Shredded Cedar Mulch

    Shredded Cedar Mulch

  • Chocolate Envirowood Mulch

    Chocolate Envirowood Mulch

  • Cherry Brown Envirowood Mulch

    Cherry Brown Envirowood Mulch

  • Shredded Hardwood  Mulch

    Shredded Hardwood Mulch

  • Mushroom compost

    Mushroom compost

  • Rivers Edge Decorative

    Rivers Edge

  • Indian Sunset

    Indian Sunset

  • Mesquite natural

    Mesquite natural

  • Mystic Granite Gems

    Mystic Granite Gems

  • Pink Raspberry

    Pink Raspberry

  • Wisconsin White 1-½

    Wisconsin White 1-½

  • Wisconsin White ¾

    Wisconsin White ¾

  • ¾ Minus

    ¾ Minus

  • ⅜ Screenings

    ⅜ Screenings

  • mason sand

    Mason Sand

  • pit sand.jpg

    Pit Sand

  • torpedo sand

    Torpedo Sand

  • 1-1 4 clear

    1-¼ Clear

  • 3 4 clear

    ¾ Clear

  • Pea stone

    Pea Stone

  • Railway Ballast

    Railway Ballast

  • Recycled Asphalt

    Recycled Asphalt

  • Recycled concrete

    Recycled Concrete

  • Washed decorative stone

    Washed Decorative Stone

  • Shredded Black Dirt

    Shredded Black Dirt

Please call for pricing and availability.

We will be adding more Landscaping materials and supplies, so please check back to see what we have.

These are the materials that we currently have. If you don't see the material you are looking for please call 920-921-7546 and ask we may have it or can get it.

L&H Gyr provides trucking services to all areas of Wisconsin. We operate a fleet of quad axle dump trucks, and semi-trucks with the availability ranging from bobtail services to low boy trucking services. L&H Gyr prides itself on its service and reliability.

Delivery Policy:
L&H Gyr offers delivery to the customer's curb. If we are invited onto private property per customer request, we will make every effort to satisfy our customer's needs. However, if our drivers feel a certain dumping location inaccessible due to a high probability of damage to lawns, structures, our company trucks or other obstacles, he/she will decline to dump the delivery in that spot and request the customer an alternate location. The customer is responsible for the delivery charges.